Sao Paulo and the Food


Mercado Municipal View from the Gourmet Lounge


Mercado Municipal Fruit stalls from above


Mercado Municipal Spices


Mercado Municipal Peppers and Pepper sauces


Mercado Municipal Dry Fruits Nuts and candies


Mercado Municipal Fruit Stalls

In Sao Paulo, what does a good Paulistano enjoy doing the most in the city?

Eating! There´s no place like Sao Paulo for food!

You can always find a restaurant, bar or hotspot to match your tastes and desires. Everything depends on your budget. But don´t worry, from the simplest to the most sophisticated places, there are options for everyone. You won’t be left out in the cold.

In Sao Paulo, you´ll find more than 15,000 restaurants and more than 42 different cuisines: Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Greek, Jewish, Thai, Arab, French, Spanish, Portuguese as well as regional cuisines from other Brazilian states like Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul, among many others.

The number one dish, the most important in the city, is Pizza. We say Sao Paulo is the “Capital of Pizza,” and we have our own unique and inventive ways of preparing and serving it. It is hard to say where you´ll find the best pizza in town, because everyone has their own favorite. For the Japanese food lovers, the second most popular dish in town is sushi.

You can also experience a little bit of our country´s tastes by visiting Sao Paulo’s greatest food market – Municipal Market of Sao Paulo – Mercadão, as we say. There you´ll find a wide variety of foods, fruits from different regions of Brazil, and sweets and spices of all kinds. Don´t miss the market’s Gourmet Lounge, where you can try our typical and delicious dishes.

Once you´re here, don´t miss Sao Paulo’s most typical street food experiences either:

  • Mortadella sandwich at Mercado Municipal
  • Coxinha (famous Brazilian snack) at Veloso Bar (one of the best in town!!)
  • Pastel (in any market street)
  • Pão na Chapa (toasted bread with butter) in one of the hundred bakeries around the city

Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo
R. Cantareira, 306 – Centro, Sao Paulo – SP, 01103-200
Monday through Saturday, 6h – 18h
Sundays and holidays, 6h – 16h

Veloso Bar
R. Conceição Veloso, 54 – Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo – SP, 04110-120
Tuesday through Friday, 17h30 to 0h30
Saturdays, 12h30 – 0h30
Sundays, 16h – 22h30