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city keys

A city can be full of closed doors, and to find out what’s behind them, you need a master key!

Your Destination Expert can help you plan your trip, advise the best time to visit, what to budget for, suggest hotels, restaurants, and activities that suit what you’d like to do…. And so much more.

Your Destination Expert will do all they can to answer your questions.

After any initial questions, and once you’ve purchased this option, you’ll arrange a time with your Destination Expert to discuss what you’re looking to get from your trip, and they’ll get back to you with the information you agreed.

Don’t forget that if you think of something while you’re visiting, you can always contact your Destination Expert. Right up to when you arrive back at your own front door.

Your Destination Expert can also suggest activities outside of their city. Not only do they know their city well, but the surrounding region too. They’re on hand to help plan explorations further afield than the city.

If you are visiting as a group, or planning a special occasion, please contact us for a specific quote.

​In order to maintain our independence, we do not have any commercial arrangements with any of the “addresses” we share or the service providers we recommend. 

country keys

City Premium is your full access pass to Cmycities, up to 6 City Keys services per year.

If you travel a lot for business or leisure, Cmycities Premium membership will help you save time when planning your trip to a city, or when you’re there.

Not sure where would be perfect for your next family trip…? Just say the word, and our Destination Experts will help you narrow down your choices. You need a great restaurant recommendation to impress a potential client? Or your commitments change and you have more free time? Ask your Destination Expert for recommendations.

What welcome can you expect with City Premium membership?

  • Get in touch with any of our Destination Experts to help you choose a destination for your next trip
  • Enjoy the City Keys service whenever you like for any destination in the network, even at the last minute…
  • Make as many requests as you like through the City Connect service, for anything you’re looking for, like an au-pair, an apartment exchange…

As a City Premium Member, our Destination Experts are expecting you! They’re already familiar with your travel habits and preferences so they’ll know what you’re looking for before you do…

If you’re a company and have staff who travel a lot for business, and you want to know what we can do for them, do get in touch so we can discuss what’s best for you and your team.


welcome pass

The Welcome Pass is a service which gives you the opportunity to meet up in person with one of our Destination Expert over a drink (coffee, wine…) when you arrive. You decide the time and the place and our Destination Expert will spend 2 hours talking you through your visit and answering any questions. You will also have their contact details (telephone, email..) should you have any unforeseen questions during your stay.

Why sign up to Welcome Pass ?

  • If you have already signed up to City Keys or Country Keys,

You have prepared your trip with our guide but you would like to meet them in situ, to immerse yourself in your chosen destination as quickly as possible? You want the low-down on the city, the culture, everyday life? You have last minute questions or you want details on particular subjects? This pass is for you!

  • You have prepared your trip yourself,

You already know what you would like to do, but you would prefer meeting a true local specialist over the anonymity of guidebooks or travel blogs – that’s exactly what we’re here for! To welcome you, to reassure you regarding your choices and to make suggestions tailored specifically to your preferences and desires. Everything to make your trip even better.

  • You haven’t prepared your trip in advance and are unsure where to start once you arrive

Get the feel for the city as soon as you arrive by meeting up with our Destination Expert: current exhibitions, unmissable shows, happening events, restaurants, bars, shops, walks…. You can discuss all that and more to ensure you get the most from your trip without missing out on anything!

city move

Making a big move? Cmycities can advise you on all the aspects of moving to a foreign city, to help you feel like you fit in and feel right at home quickly.

Your Destination Expert can help you choose everything from neighborhoods, schools and day-care to activities for your kids, where to do sports, lifestyle aspects and where to find convenience stores for your groceries. And even better, they’re also there to answer any questions you have before or after the move.

They’ll even suggest things you may not have thought of.

Once you’ve purchased this option, your Destination Expert will arrange a suitable time to talk in detail about what you need. From that initial contact and any subsequent chats, they’ll send you the detailed information for what you’ve discussed, plus any relevant additional suggestions.

Your Destination Expert will be there to help before and after your move.

The City Move option does not include finding accommodation or undertaking administrative procedures and formalities on your behalf, but your Destination Expert can recommend preferred service providers and will support you while you’re dealing with any formalities.

Upon arrival, your Destination Expert will unlock the city for you and will give you a personalized e-address book.

#included in the city move : « a discovery visit » service
Half a day spent exploring the city with our Destination Expert. The itinerary is established according to your preferences.


city student

Are you moving abroad for your studies, training or a temporary placement? Or perhaps one of your children is leaving home to study in a foreign country?

We are here to help students settle into their new life to make the move smooth and stress-free! We will be there with a friendly and familiar presence to both support students and reassure parents, who can get in touch with us whenever they need.

With Cmycities Student we guarantee mentorship during your preparation, assist in the move and remain available for assistance during the first weeks you are here.

After any initial questions, and once you’ve purchased this option, you’ll arrange a time with your Destination Expert to discuss your project in detail (by phone or video call). They will then get back to you with the information you agreed. From that point you can turn to your Destination Expert with any further questions to help you plan everything perfectly.

Your Destination Expert knows their city inside out. They can help you find the right area to live in, help with your flat search (putting you in contact with professionals if web search is not the best option for you), help with transport options, medical contacts and can basically help with any questions using their local network.

When it comes to looking for accommodation we are here to give you all the tips to do just that! We’ll show you the best websites to search and how we as locals look for a room or a flat so you don’t fall into any traps. We will make suggestions and help you with choosing the right one, put you in contact with potential landlords we know of in our network. Or if you prefer, we can put you in contact with professionals who can organize everything for you before you arrive.

Most importantly, the Destination Expert remains available once the student has arrived. We are only a phone call away from the student or their parents for any extra questions or in case of emergency.

#included in the city student : « a welcome visit » service
Half a day spent exploring the city with our Destination Expert. The itinerary is established according to your preferences.

city connect

City Connect is your space to let people know what you’re looking for by placing your own classified ad on our website. This is the space where you connect with our international network and increase your contact opportunities to make your own network.

A classified ad can help if you’d prefer to stay somewhere other than a classic hotel during your trip, maybe you’re looking for someone to swap homes with or someone to look after your pet while you are away?

Perhaps you want to take lessons to pick up the basics of a language to get ready for your trip, or practice what you know already through conversation?

Or it could be your dream to go and experience a city while working there, either doing an internship or job for the summer. Maybe as an au-pair? Or, you could take it a step further and finding that permanent dream job?

An ad will help get you one step closer, so send us your ad!

After validation, Cmycities will post your ad within 24 hours of receiving your payment, and it will remain posted for 3 months. Once your ad has been published on the website, it’s over to you. You are solely responsible for all communication and exchange regarding your ad, so you control how things progress.


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Ad Hoc Services

Our Destinations Experts are always open for whatever you need.
Feel free to ask them to help you plan something for a special occasion, like a marriage proposal, a wedding or a family celebration.

If you need to organize activities for a group of friends or a work outing, you can ask them to make suggestions for that too.

Plus, they can also help organize a broader trip, to several destinations: A tour of European cities, South East Asia, a road trip in France, or even a World Tour.

Maybe you have a particular theme, like wine, hiking, street art or architecture? They can tailor their suggestions to your passions.

So, if you have anything specific you’d like to discuss, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll tell you how we can help!

Which city will you visit next?

Your Destination Expert would love to hear from you if you have a question about the best places to go, best time, ideas you hadn’t thought of…