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Why Cmycities?

“The idea comes from afar… from when I visited Ho Chi Minh City a few years ago. Larissa helped me plan my trip and introduced me to “her city.” It was an unforgettable experience for the whole family!”

Co-founders Hélène and Larissa are two friends, both originally from France. They live in Paris today, but Larissa took time out from life in Paris to live and work in Asia for several years.


They say, “When we travel, and we’ve travelled quite a lot, we realized we often choose to go to places where we know people. That’s because having someone, a friend—or even a friend of a friend—someone who cares that you enjoy your trip and get the most out of it, is precious and is often the all important key to an unforgettable trip. This is what happened when Hélène visited Larissa’s version of Ho Chi Minh City.

So, we always love to get the locals’ take on a city, thanks to friends who live where we’re going. That way we benefit from what they know about the city to make it feel like ours while we’re there.

What is Cmycities?

Cmycities is an international network of Destination Experts, who all live in their destination city and are happy to share what it’s like living there.

Destination Experts help you to organize your trip before you visit and while you’re there. Or if you’re actually moving to the city, they’re on hand to help make it easier. You can also build your network around the world, making connections and exchanging useful information on specific things you’re looking for (au-pair jobs, apartment exchanges, language courses) via our advertisements section.

Destination Experts share their address book with you, giving you access to their network and sharing what they love about their city in one-to-one consultations via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Messenger or phone… however you prefer to talk.

Which area of the city should you stay in? What things can you do in the city that suit your personal interests? It’s just like what your best friend would do for you. They’re kind and happy to give advice! They’re there when you need them during your stay, and ultimately want you to take the best memories home with you.

Who are our Destination Experts?

Our Destination Experts love their city and have all lived there long enough to make it home; some were even born there. They have all traveled extensively in their country, so they can also advise you on tours and adventures outside of their cities. They’re just waiting to share what they know with you so your experience in the city is unique.

All speak several languages, and some have even lived in other countries too.

And all Cmycities Destination Experts adhere to the same values as Cmycities.

Our values and commitments

Our values: Listening, being friendly and genuine.


Destination Experts are entirely free in their choice of recommendations (hotels, restaurants, activities, stores, tours).


No commercial relationships can be established with recommended businesses or venues.


As such, Destination Experts refuse any commission and remain free to choose what they think are the best ideas for you.


Which city will you visit next?

Your Destination Expert would love to hear from you if you have a question about the best places to go,
best time, ideas you hadn’t thought of…

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